Ancient Egypt

Egyptian history workshops for schools Suffolk and Essex
Key Stage Two

There is a focus on everyday life in this session on Ancient Egypt. Join our Egyptian salt trader on his full sized boat in a trading journey on the river Nile. All children have a role to play in this activity as they handle the vessel and understand the role of grain in the economy whilst considering the features of the landscape through which they are passing. Nobody, though, foresees the twist at the end of the voyage, and the implications it has on the rest of the day’s activities!

In smaller groups, children have a guided opportunity to handle and use smaller replica artefacts such as cosmetics and writing implements.

There is a role for every child in your group as a carefully prepared full sized mannequin is mummified and the spirit is guided by Egyptian gods on its journey to the afterlife in the Field of Reeds.

The children use measuring tools and then build a full sized low level reconstruction of the trader’s house. At the end of the day, children learn about different types of archaeological evidence and apply their understanding by using practical skills to investigate and dissect a gruesome replica artefact.

Ancient Egypt Workshop Gallery

  • Learn about Egyptian burials KS2
  • Learn about Egyptian burials KS2
  • Egyptian costume
  • Egyptian history workshop KS2
  • build a full reconstruction of an Egyptian traders house
  • build a full reconstruction of an Egyptian traders house
  • Use an Egyptian style wax tablet
  • Egyptian history workshop

Hi  - We had such a fantastic day! The children learnt lots and were really enthused by the activities and the opportunity to get the feel of what it was like to be an ancient Egyptian! It consolidated our existing learning in the subject and extended it into new areas. Several children have since brought in further information that they have been inspired to find out at home. 

September 2019