Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome history workshops for schools Suffolk and Essex
Key Stage Two

Is Terence, the retired auxiliary soldier, Roman or British? Join in with the events of his early life through the turbulent period of Boudica’s revolt and experience the everyday practicalities of life as a Roman soldier. Later, Terence invites you to build a part of his new house, developing your understanding of construction, comfort and decoration in a wealthy Romano-British home. Help to solve the problem of water supply to Terence’s new toilet by building and operating a real ten metre long aqueduct.

Although Terence is retired, he does a little work as a Roman teacher: this part of the session is filled with cross curricular links as we explore measuring units, etymology and an introduction to Latin.

A Roman day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the amphitheatre... but it’s not all about lions and gladiators!

Ancient Rome Workshop Gallery

  • Ancient Rome history workshop
  • experience the everyday life of a Roman soldier
  • Experience the everyday life of a Roman soldier
  • Roman learning methods
  • Explore Roman construction methods
  • Explore Roman construction methods
  • Roman Mosaic

Fantastic day, keeping children engaged throughout by using practical and hands on activities. 

Class teacher, Essex.

Roman Britain