Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxon history workshops for schools Suffolk and Essex
Key Stage Two

Let Lidmann, an early Anglo Saxon fisherman, take you back to his voyage of migration across the North Sea. Create and crew a full sized replica of the boat in which he made the voyage with his family and friends, and share his feelings of apprehension as you stock the boat with essentials for your new life. How will you find your way across the sea? Who will you leave behind?

Investigate clothing, building methods and materials as you settle into your new home. Learn about the foods and tools of the period and discover the Anglo Saxon approach to crime and punishment.

Move forwards to the later Anglo Saxon period to explore the Viking raids, the Danelaw and the role of Alfred the Great. Carry out an Anglo Saxon burial in the style of the Sutton Hoo ship burial and discover the ways in which archaeological mysteries can be solved.

Anglo Saxons Workshop Gallery

  • Learn about migration
  • Lidmann, an early Anglo Saxon fisherman
  • Anglo Saxon style wattle
  • Investigate Anglo Saxon building methods
  • Learn about Anglo Saxon wood work
  • Anglo Saxon living and cooking
  • Anglo Saxon living and cooking
  • Anglo Saxon living
  • Anglo Saxon arrow heads

A great day had by all. Children were very engaged and enthusiastic. All children were able to take part. The resources were amazing- they really helped the children to understand our topic on Vikings which brought it to life. 

November 2018

Anglo Saxons... and Vikings too!