Great Fire of London

Great Fire of London history workshops for schools Suffolk and Essex
Key Stage One

This is a hands-on session tailored to key stage 1 objectives, in which every child in your group has a role in the unfolding events of September 1666. Through use of costume and child-sized firefighting equipment including a period fire engine, children immerse themselves in the story of the Great Fire of London, and take steps to stop the spread of "fire" along a row of houses. 

Children join the role play, as townspeople carrying their goods away, fighting the fire, or trying to find others to blame! Both Thomas Farriner and Samuel Pepys give their account of what happened.

This session is a useful introduction to different forms of historical evidence, such as artefacts, diary accounts and newspapers and has some interesting cross-curricular links to PSHE, literacy and numeracy.

Great Fire of London Workshop Gallery

  • Thomas Farriner and the Great Fire of London
  • Great Fire of London workshop
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  • Great Fire of London activity workshop
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Hi Chris, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for visiting us at [...] today. Our children had the most incredible morning with you (as did us staff!) and were absolutely gripped from the moment they met you. They adored building London & acting out the events that followed, completely enthralled by your costumes & wealth of knowledge. The carousel of activities were excellent and it was truly wonderful to see the children handling artefacts and making links between their learning. Your hard work & dedication to providing high quality, historical experiences is crystal clear to see and I have absolutely no doubt that the day will remain with the children for many years to come. We feel so lucky to have been visited by you & I promised the children that as per their wishes, I’d invite Samuel Pepys back to visit! Once again, thank you ever so much for taking the time to visit us today- we absolutely loved it.

December 2019